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Casanova Museum

Casanova Museum & Experience

The Casanova Museum & Experience Museum will offer its visitors the unique opportunity to be protagonists of the true story of Giacomo Casanova, living...
Ritratti in miniatura

Miniature Portraits. The Paola Sancassani collection

The Foudation Musei Civici di Venezia (MUVE) presents at Correr Museum a, little but preciuos, miniature portraits collection dated XVIII-XIV century. The portraits recently arrived...
Punta della Doganavideo

Punta della Dogana: Dancing with myself

With two exhibitions at the same time, at Palazzo Grassi and at Punta della Dogana, the collection Pinault suggests an intriguing lecture of contemporary...
Musei Civici Veneziani

Happy Easter at Venetian Civic Museums

On Sunday, April 1st, all the Civic Museums in Venice will be open like summer time. On Monday, in extraordinary way, also Ca' Pesaro...
Pittrici Dimenticatevideo

Art by forgotten women: exposition at Provvederia in Mestre

The exhibition, located at Provvederia in Mestre, gather together pieces of Venetian women painters between XIX and XX century and it's part of the...
Emilio Vedova

Emilio Vedova, the “De America” ​​exhibition dedicated to him

De America, the exhibition dedicated to Emilio Vedova at the Salt Warehouse / Spazio Vedova. The exhibition dedicated to the Venetian painter and engraver Emilio...
I tesori nascosti del doge

The Doge’s hidden treasures: guided tour in the Doge’s Palace

The Doge's hidden treasures: the new guided tour of Palazzo Ducale. The fulcrum of the itinerary is the Church and the Antichiesetta del Doge Following...
Canova, Hayez e Cicognaravideo

Canova, Hayez e Cicognara: l’ultima gloria di Venezia

The last glory of Venice celebrates the bicentennial of the foundation of the Gallerie dell'Accademia with the exhibition on Canova, Hayez e Cicognara Gallerie dell’Accademia...

Salviati, glass eternal art on display in Padua

A revival for Salviati, Murano historical glass factory and the exhibition on display in Padua. "The spirit of future in a glass" With the glass...
merletto di Burano

Burano Lace School

The exhibition is designed to narrate the founding, crisis and relaunch of the Burano Lace School. At the end of the nineteenth century, enlightened aristocracy...


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