EnjoyRespectVenice: the guide for tourists

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EnjoyRespectVenice. The campaign to raise awareness and to protect Venice. A UNESCO heritage site.

Venice is considered one of the most beautiful city in the world for its natural and cultural uniqueness. Such heritage demands to be preserved and in this spirit the campaign “EnjoyRespectVenice” was created.

EnjoyRespectVenice is a compaign borned with the purpose of recommend to the tourists some correct behaviors, in the respect of hotels, locations and peolple in Venice.

It presents an actual list with 12 points in order to enjoy our city and no disrespect it:

  1. Discover Venice hidden treasures in the less frequented locations to appreciate the exeptional beauty of the city.
  2. Explore the islands and Venice mainland taking part to a lot of events in Metropolitan City.
  3. Taste local products and Venetian typical dishes.
  4. Visit the craft workshops of Venetian old masters still present in the city. Let them guide you in your shopping choises to avoid illegal sellers’ goods.
  5. Book your tours with authorized tourist guide agency.
  6. Keep the right, don’t stay long on the bridges or ride a bike.
  7. Enjoy public gardens, and don’t stop for a long time to eat in unauthorized spaces.
  8. Camping and campfire are not allowed, same for shirtless, diving or swimming in the city. You can find beautiful beaches at Lido or Pellestrina islands.
  9. Respect the environment and art goods: don’t leave trash in the streets, write on the walls, put locks. Don’t give food to pigeons! In order to produce less trash is better if you drink from the 100 fountains all around Venice.
  10. Respect recycling.
  11. Plan your holidays choosing to visit Venice when it’s less crowded.
  12. Collect information on recreational fishing and have a boat tour with Venetian fishermen.

Moreover we have some essential practical informations:

  • Venice old town is totally pedestrian. In order to not slow down the “traffic”, is good to keep the right and don’t stay for a long time in crowded and transit areas; riding a bike is not allowed.
  • Keep in mind that the present Urban Police Law carries sanctions from 25 to 500 euros for violators.

Please respect our beautiful city.


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